Kunal Shah´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions Kunal Shah
M.Sc. (IT) Project 2010-2011,
Khalsa College, Mumbai.

TGS is one of its kind firm which gives more stress on imparting knowledge. The main aim of this firm is to make people aware of the diversity that´s present in the field of robotics. I had a great experience learning how to make robots; they helped me a lot in converting my imagination into an innovation. They made sure that I understood every term and component in and out, not just with respect to my project but in general; such are their teaching skills! They provided me with a lot of additional resources which would help me in my project inspite of time constraints.
It is because of them I have generated more interest in knowing more about robotics.

Ameya Udare´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions  Ameya Udare
M.Sc. (IT) Project 2010-2011,
Mumbai University.

Techno Gravity Solutions has been of immense help in guiding us in our project. It helped us in understanding the basic concept of embedded systems along with design of some real life applications based on it. Apart from teaching, they did provide us with various resources which was of great use in demonstrating our project. While helping us in our project TGS did not charge us a single penny :)
I wish TGS all success and hope you become a strong force in field of robotics and embedded systems.
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