The TGS Story

Story of Techno Gravity Solutions “Wouldn’t you like to join a big company for your job after engineering?” – Professor.

Everyone nodded...
But two hands rose over the last bench in the last row & column of the class.

“We would like to be businessman” – exclaimed those 2 students.

Everyone turned their heads & smiled; they smiled back. Their friends laughed; they gave a pat on the head.

It was our communication skills lecture where the professor asked the whole class of 1st year engineering students, approximately 60 students (in case no one bunked :P) & the ones who were sitting were quite distressed to join electronics stream. Nevertheless those 2 students were more enthusiastic about entrepreneurship (and they did not even know what it was).

Then started a journey of many surprises; an amazing journey of realizing your dreams and working hard towards it. It all got decided on a bench in the lunch break & TGS was born.

We do not create success stories... some stories are born to be successful... We believe to be one :-)
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