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Upasana Rao´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions  Ms. Upasana Rao
CSI 2010-11
Usha Mittal College of Engg., SNDT, Mumbai.

Techno Gravity Solutions has been conducting Robotics workshop in our college for the last 2 years; this is the 3rd year! These workshops have been very inspirational and a great source of practical knowledge for the students of UMIT, SNDT. Also, all the members of TGS make sure that each and every student in the workshop participate with full enthusiasm.
We would love to associate with Techno Gravity Solutions in the upcoming years as well :)
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Kunal Shah´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions Mr. Kunal Shah
M.Sc. Project 2010-2011,
Khalsa College, Mumbai.

TGS is one of its kind firm which gives more stress on imparting knowledge. The main aim of this firm is to make people aware of the diversity that´s present in the field of robotics. I had a great experience learning how to make robots; they helped me a lot in converting my imagination into an innovation. They made sure that I understood every term and component in and out, not just with respect to my project but in general; such are their teaching skills! They provided me with a lot of additional resources which would help me in my project inspite of time constraints.
It is because of them I have generated more interest in knowing more about robotics.
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Jigar Hingoo´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions Mr. Jigar Hingoo
B.E., July 2011,
Fr. Agnels COE, Mumbai.

...an opportunity to do an internship in a very professional and timely manner. We encountered no issues while interacting with the team members. It was very educational and an amazing experience... What I like most about the internship here at TGS has been applying what we learned in class to real experiences... This internship opens many opportunities for my career because I am interested in creating new technologies related to Robotics. I think the knowledge I gained will help me in future and I am glad to have been part of this internship program.
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Ansh Jain´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions Ansh Jain
Junk Funk Workshop - 2011
TGS Office, Mumbai.

It was very interesting to learn Robotics. I got introduced to so many new things. I also made those new things, which now i call Robot :) I would like to attend many more workshops like this.
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Parentsacute;s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions Mss. Rita J. Wadwani
Student: Deepak Wadhwani,
... who attended Junk Funk Robotics workshop.

The workshop was very nice. My son learned so many new things which were technical; yet he managed to practically apply the same. I am sure TGS made it easier and fun learning process. My son was a different student altogether now. I wish to enrol my son in more TGS Robotics workshops. Thank you.
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