Robotics is a fun activity

Technical Desk of Techno Gravity Solutions Techno Gravity Solutions is a young firm, but quite experienced too.
We are ambitious yet grounded to reality.
We believe in taking each step as it comes.
We are at our working desk for more than half of the hours of the week.
It is from here that we would like to share a lot with you.

At our tech-desk you can indulge in:

Photo and video Gallery of Techno Gravity Solutions 1. Gallery
- Photo gallery of Robotics workshops and events.
- Video gallery of Robotics products & events.
- Good memories of TGS community & work.
- Showcasing work undertaken by Techno Gravity Solutions.

Blogs of Techno Gravity Solutions executives 2. Blogs
- Of some of the TGS working members.
- An asynchronous writing feature.
- Personal thoughts into professional world.
- An interesting activity at the desk every day.

Forums of Techno Gravity Solutions for technical and Robotics discussion 3. Forums
- An interactive domain & environment.
- Create a mutual atmosphere of learning.
- Anyone around the world can participate.
- Protected: only for website members.

online Competitions of Techno Gravity Solutions 4. Competitions
- A fun activity for everyone.
- Exciting prizes and freebies to be won.
- Frequency: every month.
- Protected: only for website members.

Your desk, be it at work, study or play... it creates you.
Time to explore ours here :)
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