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Upasana Rao´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions  Upasana Rao
CSI 2010-11
Usha Mittal College of Engg., SNDT, Mumbai.

Techno Gravity Solutions has been conducting Robotics workshop in our college for the last 2 years; this is the 3rd year! These workshops have been very inspirational and a great source of practical knowledge for the students of UMIT, SNDT. Also, all the members of TGS make sure that each and every student in the workshop participate with full enthusiasm.
We would love to associate with Techno Gravity Solutions in the upcoming years as well :)

Aditya Rege´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions Aditya Rege
General Secretary,
Student´s Council 2008-2009,
K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai.

I have witnessed the formation and growth of Techno-Gravity Solutions (TGS) quite closely over the last 3 years. It is the most encouraging and appreciable venture i have come across as i have had a good experience working with them professionally. During my tenure in the Students Council of K.J.S.COE, we TGS providing technical support for our Robotics workshop which had 254 participants... It was a fabulous event well managed (technically) by TGS members... it was astonishing to see an amateur organization pull off an event in a complete sense; sound technical aspects and good management. Overall i am happy to see a young venture into a new stream of science like robotics!
I wish TGS all the very best for all their future endeavors...

Sagar Rachh´s testimonial for Techno Gravity Solutions  Sagar Rachh
ACM - Association for Computing Machinery 2008-09
D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai.

Being an Engineer myself, I can say that the workshop conducted by Techno Gravity Solutions (TGS) in my college was one of the best that I have seen. The TGS team was very organised in its work. The participants too had a great learning experience.
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