College Tie-up

Tie-up Structure for College Institutions by Techno Gravity Solutions ... a mutual collaboration to grow together.

We at Techno Gravity Solutions believe that to grow in this competitive world & to work with a broader perspective, we need a collaboration of ideas & management in a way that it is beneficial to all. It is in our stride to provide better educational solutions & services in the field of Robotics & Embedded systems.

Thereby, we would like to take this principle as our work model with colleges, technical institutes & organizations who share the same thought & vision. In this pursuit to provide innovative services and training structures we will be able to indulge in greater development.

Through a "Tie-up" we shall have a mutual cooperation with respective organization for a period of time, wherein a common work model for technical growth will be designed. This will be shared between both the organizations & collectively followed.

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PDF of Tie-up structure for College by Techno Gravity Solutions  College Tie-up details - Summary

Cohesive management & coherent growth will help both the organizations in their pursuit of achieving technical excellence.
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