Hands-on training by Techno Gravity Solutions Hands-on sessions have been specially designed by Techno Gravity Solutions for those who find it difficult to participate in any workshop
due to the cost factor.
Hands-on reduces the cost of an individual to a great extent, almost by 80% or more.

Hands-on = Cost effective training.

Each student/individual gets to use the kit for development of respective robot or gadget, but there are two exceptions of Hands-on from workshop: -
1. Do not get a take-away kit.
2. Sharing of 2 or more on one kit.

Workshop - take away kit + sharing = Hands-on

Other than that, the students will -
1. Receive same training as per workshop.
2. Get a certificate wherever applicable.

Contact us now for any queries or information regarding Hands-on training.

Sometimes we need to find cost effective ways to learn; but learning must not stop :)
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