Benefits to an Institution

1. To introduce engineering level concepts right from the school level is a step towards defining a nation by its technological expertise. Any Institution taking a step forward in this matter is indirectly helping the cause.

2. With India developing in every sector, it is important to introduce technology level subjects or technical education at school level. An Institution will gain credits for its involvement in such developments.

3. Such workshops will help a student to unleash his/her potential & enhance creativity; indirectly helping an Institution to develop more rational students.

4. Such students will be more actively involved in developments & innovations than anyone else. An Institution earns reputation or enhances its credibility on the basis of such students.

5. In today’s competitive world, every parent wants his/her child to race ahead, but this race is bounded within limits; robotics will expand these limits by expanding every students vision & understanding, fulfilling the very basic requirement of any race. Any Institution encouraging such an initiative will indeed make associated parents’ contented.

6. The Institution will remain extremely competitive and technically cohesive.

7. Such workshops will help the students of your Institution to develop far better projects for Science fair and exhibition.

Benefits to an institution due to Robotics workshop and technical education initiative  Download as PDF | Benefits to a Student


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